I’m a procrasti… I’ll finish that later.

If there is one quality in myself I wish I could change it would be the fact that I am a HUGE procrastinator. 

Case in point: I opened this WordPress account in June 2011 and this is my first post… nearly seven months later. What is wrong with me?! (You know what… let’s just keep that question rhetorical for now… maybe in a later post we can delve into my failures as a human being but not today.)  I often start projects with brilliant intentions and wonderful goals and yet never seem to muster up the energy or the dedication to finish them, even when they are something I am truly excited about.***

Why is it that procrastination just feels so right… at the time?
I have come up with a theory for my own procrastination and I am hopeful that writing it out will help me cure myself, help me see the light, help me… well… get shit done! My theory is quite simple really: I am scared of failure. Quick, someone call Oprah, we have an “Ah-Ha” moment on our hands!

I know it doesn’t sound life altering or mind blowing, but staring at that simple truth already makes me feel compelled to get off my ass and start putting some of my ideas into action. Hence this blog post.

The moral of the story?
Stop thinking and start doing. I have so many ideas trapped in the confines of my head that I desperately want to try my hand at, it’s time I stop worrying what everyone else is going to think and just go for it.

I feel a New Year’s resolution being born AND being realized! Wish me luck.


***Let us note however, that this rule does not apply to me at work. While I may put off certain unglamorous tasks (i.e. filing) every once in awhile,  I always finish them on time and with my best effort. (Hi potential employers out there, it’s true!)

2 thoughts on “I’m a procrasti… I’ll finish that later.

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