Keep social media… social.

Now I don’t claim to be any type of social media guru, master, ninja, genius, etc. (you get the point) but there are a few thing about social media marketing on Twitter that I just do not understand. Why start a Twitter account for your business if you are:

1.) Not going to follow anyone back.
2.) Not going to engage any of your followers.
3.) Not going to tweet about anything other than how other people should also get their businesses on Twitter.

Follow me damn it!
It seems to me that the point of social media is pretty obvious, I mean it’s stated right there in the title… SOCIAL media. If you are going to be on Twitter, it only makes sense to follow people in addition to being followed. There is no better way to understand your audience than to actually listen to what they are saying, even if *gasp* it’s not about you or your company. Following accounts on Twitter is a free and easy way to tap into the interests and feelings of the people who are buying your product or paying for your service. Not to mention the fact that accounts who don’t follow anyone but have many followers look, well… rude!

Talk to me, not at me.
It also drives me crazy when businesses on Twitter push out message after message without engaging any of their followers. The social interactions that take place on Twitter allow relationship building which can increase people’s trust in your brand. Conversations between businesses and followers create a much more meaningful and rich experience for both parties. My favourite example of a company that is doing it right is West Jet. West Jet not only responds to people who tweet them, but they also respond to people who are talking about them, without tagging their account. Perhaps the most amazing part of West Jet’s strategy on Twitter is the way they face the negative comments about them head on. If you’re looking for a great example to follow, it’s them.

Preaching to the choir.
And finally, one of my biggest Twitter pet peeves, when social media marketers constantly fill the Twittersphere with tweets about why your business should be on Twitter. Don’t you think that if you’re posting this message ON Twitter that your audience probably already agrees with you considering they too are on Twitter?? We get it, you think Twitter’s the bomb, now provide us with some interesting and unique content instead!

Like I said, I am no social media expert, I’m just a girl with a few ideas who sees a few ways businesses might be able to enhance their social media experience (on Twitter anyway!).

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