If you don’t want it on Facebook… don’t do it.

Not too long ago a woman at a course I was taking, who was incredibly anti Facebook, asked me, “what happens when someone posts pictures of you at the bar and you don’t like them?” Now nearly everyone who is on Facebook has most definitely untagged a photo or begged a friend to take one down. Usually this is a case of an especially unflattering picture, however, what this woman was talking about was different. What she meant was, “what happens when you’re caught in a moment that you don’t want everyone to know about, like being falling down drunk at the bar and having photos put up of your sloppy messy self?”

My initial response to this question was that in my experience when an unbecoming photo of me in my partying University days was posted I would first untag it and then ask my friend to take it down. Most friends will oblige and in the rare scenario where they won’t, your problem doesn’t lie with the picture it lies with the fact that this so-called friend isn’t a very good one.

While I still stand by this response, I have been doing a little more thinking about the issue at hand. And this is what I have come up with: if you don’t want something to go on Facebook… don’t do it. Perhaps instead of worrying about the Facebook repercussions of your night as a hot mess, don’t be the hot mess in the first place. Please understand that I am not claiming to be some perfect angel who lives with no regrets, but it is an interesting thing to ponder.

We have been presented with this tool that forces us to take a good hard look at ourselves and the way we act. Facebook is holding us accountable in a way we have never experienced before. Instead of managing our profiles maybe we should actually be managing our lives? 

What do you think?

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