The cardinal sin… blogging about blogging

The blog gods are angry, readers beware.

I read somewhere that blogging about blogging is the cardinal sin of… well… blogging. So what the blog am I doing?! The blogging gods are going to come down and smite me! The truth is, I have been trying to write another blog post for the past two weeks and have been feeling quite frankly, uninspired.

After my last blog post, “This really makes my blood boil!” I received so much positive feedback and an astonishing number of views that I am almost paralyzed at what to write next. Is it just me, or is there something about praise that is crippling in a way? When I was writing a blog that no one read except about five of my Twitter followers and my roommate, I focused on my thoughts and nothing else. Now that I know people are actually reading my writing, I picture their faces… your faces… and I feel totally naked! 

This minor stumbling block (also known quite simply as, writer’s block) reminds me of my first blog. In that post I decided that I need to stop thinking and worrying about what other people are going to think and start doing. I need to get my blog on, if you will. So coming soon to a computer screen near you… my next “inspired” blog post. (Unless of course the blog gods do in fact smite me, in which case I will be off dealing with that.)

Until next time…


2 thoughts on “The cardinal sin… blogging about blogging

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  1. I think meta posts — their official name — are actually sometimes fairly interesting, to unpack the process (if there is one) behind a post or lack of same.

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