I’m all fired up!

Vanity Insanity, photo credit... me!

Is it just me or has the standard of what is considered a newsworthy item totally hit rock bottom? Every morning I peruse the Edmonton Journal or the Calgary Herald online and almost every morning I come across some so-called “story” or even worse “gallery” that I feel is completely outrageous and well… degrading. Normally in these circumstances I simply stew on how disappointed I am in our society and wonder whether other people feel the same, send out a tweet, and then drop it. But today’s gallery however, has proven too much for me to simply stew, drop, and ignore (it’s 10:30 PM and I’m still thinking about it!).

The gallery was titled, “Freaky photos of beautiful stars.”

 “Are they wearing insane Halloween costumes?” I thought to myself. “Maybe there are pictures of the celebrities after being scared like in a haunted house? Or hmmm… perhaps they are doing some death defying stunts?”

And away I clicked! My curiosity got the better of me. I should have known better.

Instead of being anything remotely “freaky” this gallery simply consisted of mildly unflattering photos of beautiful stars. Now someone please tell me how the hell these images are “freaky?”  Is a double chin that exists only at a bad camera angle terrifying? Or how about pursed lips, do they make your skin crawl?

I see little hope for the self esteem and body image of women in our society when “stories” and “galleries” like this one exist in our local newspapers. *sigh*

6 thoughts on “I’m all fired up!

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  1. That story is junk. The Calgary Herald should be ashamed. I didn’t even see how those photos were freaky at all, just humans being humans. What a crime!

  2. Ridiculous! Those pictures always make me angry. I especially “love” the front of Star magazine; every cover has a picture of someone’s thighs covered in cellulite, with a caption reading, “YOU’LL BE SHOCKED TO FIND OUT WHO THIS IS”. Who cares?!?!?! Are celebrities supposed to somehow be “above” any sort of physical flaw? They are human beings, like the rest of us. Really, who cares.

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