This one is for my mumsy.

Me and my mom having a road side picnic.

If you’ve never met my mom, which most of you probably haven’t, you would like her. Everyone does. She’s smart, she’s funny, and she loves to tease me (especially in front of my friends – lucky me). In my family, we LOVE to laugh. Sometimes my mom, my sister, and I will get the giggles for so long we forget why we were even laughing in the first place! That is why I have decided to post my “Top Three Hilarious MOMories.” (See what I did there…)

1.) When she would only take me and my sister to Vegas if we went to see Thunder from Down Under with her. I wish I was joking! It gets better… once we returned from Vegas I overheard her telling her friends that my sister and I dragged her there – yeah right mom!!!

And for the record, if you’re thinking of going to Vegas with your mom – we laughed so hard we almost peed at Thunder, it’s pure comedy.

2.) When she kicked my ass in New York. Before you call social services… wait… hear me out. My mom took my sister and I to New York (yes she spoils us with airmiles) when I was about 16. I was being kind of a grump if I remember correctly and my mom started joking around that she could take me. (Think father/son wrestling style.) I thought this was the most ridiculous thing I had ever heard, so I said, “bring it on!” and boy did she ever. She wrestled me in our hotel room with a foam Statue of Liberty hat on her head and she won… by sitting on me.

3.) The summer we lead the life of riley. In the summer of 2005 I worked at a gym full time. One night there was a massive thunderstorm that swept through the city and destroyed the roof of the gym which obviously caused extensive flooding. The gym was forced to close in order to clean up the mess and I ended up getting the entire summer off… with pay! At the time my mom also had the entire summer off and was receiving severance pay. We went for lunch and patio hopped all summer long. It was glorious and we were partners in crime buying summer clothes and margaritas.

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom, all you mamas out there, and all you moms to be!

Do you have a favourite “MOMory”?

7 thoughts on “This one is for my mumsy.

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  1. CreatedBetty really loved today’s blog. It is wonderful, only scratching the surface of so many good and crazy times together. Look out Montreal – you are next!

  2. Great memories, thanks for sharing! Like you, I have a great relationship with my mom. It’s great being able to laugh that hard with someone. 🙂

  3. I know your mom….and she is awesome! Those are some hilarious MOMories. I can just picture the foam-hatted ass-kicking. And laughing my own ass off!! Now I’m thinking of what my top three MOMories are…

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