Roomies: where friends become family.

Roomies headed to Calgary Folk Fest

Today I read a post (which I thought was absolutely hilarious) about roommates and it really got me thinking… it feels so much more natural to tell a story about a bad roommate than a good one. “Good” stories just don’t seem as captivating! I can say with almost 100% certainty that you would rather read about the time one of my “not so great” roommates egged our other roommate’s bedroom (whom I was friends with) and lied about it than read about the time my roommates and I had an impromptu dance party and laughed so hard we almost peed. But today folks, I am going to write about the good. Oh no… I think I lost half of you right there didn’t I…

When you move in with a friend you never know what to expect, things could go sour in an instant. And to make matters worse for me, my university roomies have set the bar exceptionally high. But as I begin to pack my room up for yet another move (well actually that’s what I should be doing instead of writing this blog post) I can’t help but reminisce about this past year living downtown with my “new” roomie and what a blast we have had!

I will always remember with great happiness and hysterical laughter:

Nope sorry, we’re in Mexico tonight!

The time we “went to Mexico” because you were having a bad day… spring and summer patio wine… two person charades… paper bag face… and Sunday night walks in the park!

Patio wine time!

Having a roommate means getting a front row seat to someone else’s life and it also means that they get a front row seat to yours. You are there when they come home grumpy, angry, or wasted (often at 3 AM banging around in the kitchen trying to make Kraft Dinner or use the microwave). You are there when they come home excited and want to celebrate with wine on the patio (my favourite!). And most importantly, you are there when they come home upset, disappointed, or heartbroken. It is in these moments, if you’re REALLY lucky, that you turn from friends into family.

Now for my final thought… you had better come visit me on the South side… or else!

Do you have any great roommate stories?

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  1. I agree with you on this one. For the first time in my cohabitation history I’m living with a friend and not a stranger-come-friend. While we’re only a couple months in, our friendship has only grown. Someone I considered a good friend, who through circumstances and time might have slowly left my life has become a GREAT friend who I plan on doing seniors tours with well into our octogenarian years.

    Thanks for checking out my blog, I’m looking forward to reading yours!

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