Why my Best Buy experience was the worst.

I have been trying to decide whether or not I should write this blog post for the past week or so. On the one hand I don’t want to be viewed as complaining for the sake of complaining but on the other hand I am so shocked at this customer service experience that I just can’t seem to help myself.

Below is the Facebook private message (and eventually the email) that I sent to Best Buy about my “worst buy”. (Just wait until you hear their response….)

We went to buy a t.v. this afternoon at Best Buy in Edmonton and the sales associate helping us told us there was a 40% fail rate for your televisions while he was trying to sell us the $300 dollar Best Buy warranty.

Is this correct? Almost half of the televisions that are purchased at your stores come back with problems?? He also told us that the fail rate for your computers was MUCH higher. I wonder what your suppliers like Panasonic and Sony would have to say about this statement. I find it hard to believe these major players would stay in business with such atrocious fail rates.

Also, after we declined the warranty because we said it was a rip off he offered it to us for half price. Dropping the price by 50% seems pretty outrageous and made us feel even more like the warranty is a scam. We were also surprised to find out that this price was negotiable, how many people are getting ripped off spending $300 on a warranty they can get for $150??

We did end up purchasing the television we wanted but this experience made us not want to purchase it at all or purchase any other product from your stores. By telling us the television we were buying has a 40% chance of not working and pushing the warranty on us because something will “most likely” go wrong with it your sales associate took away our excitement about this purchase and made us lose total confidence in the quality of your products. This experience made us feel like we just spent $1000 on a ticking time bomb of problems.

I think it is important for you to know that I have never written in to a company to complain before but I was so disappointed by this experience that I felt compelled to. I will be sharing this information with my friends and family so that they can purchase their products at a different store where they can feel comfortable and confident in what they buy.

Shortly after I sent this message I received a call from Best Buy Canada’s head office. The woman apologized to me (which I appreciated) and she explained to me that she had never heard of these fail rates before. She also assured me that this was not how their sales associates are trained to sell the warranty. She asked that I email her a copy of my receipt so that she could contact the store and let them know about my complaint.

Here comes the part that shocked me… she then proceeded to try to SELL me the warranty… again! I politely declined (even though by this time all of this warranty talk has given me a complex and I feel like our new tv is doomed to be a dud… man I hope not). I then emailed her a copy of my receipt as requested and mentioned that I was really surprised by her response to me. That was one week ago. I have yet to hear back.

To be perfectly honest, I am not sure there is anything Best Buy could do at this point to even have a hope of getting any of our future business. But what I wish they had done was:

  • Told me the real fail rates for their televisions and computers
  • Assured me that the television we purchased is of top quality
  • Respected the fact that we declined the warranty 
  • NOT tried to SELL me the warranty again
  • Shown a genuine interest in keeping us as customers 
  • Recognized that while they did get our business this time, we regret it

It seems to me that the only thing Best Buy was worried about was the fact that their sales associate was going to give us a deal on their warranty. The minute our credit card was swiped our experience and customer satisfaction no longer mattered. Oh how I wish we hadn’t been constrained for time and so determined to purchase our tv that day. Oh how I wish we had listened to our gut taken our business elsewhere.

Your turn… What is the worst customer service faux pas you’ve ever experienced?

8 thoughts on “Why my Best Buy experience was the worst.

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  1. Liz….. I had the same experience with my new phone! They told me that it was probably going to break in the first year, and that I would end up spending hundreds of dollars replacing it. They even brought out a binder of the ‘damage logs’ that they had acquired. I told them I thought insurance was always a scam and they laughed at me. Needless to say I didn’t buy it.

    1. Thanks for sharing! I recently was followed by a twitter account called Shit Best Buy Says, all about bad customer service experience at Best Buy. I guess we’re not alone haha!

  2. Liz, I brought my laptop computer to Best Buy to get my files off the hard drive after it crashed. They said they could do it 24 hours and cost $99.00. I came back two days later and they could not find my computer. It took 30 minutes to find it then the Geek said that they could not get the files off. He said they could send it to a place and for only $2,000.00 they could retrieve my files. I said “you cannot even find my computer, how are you going to find my files?” I took my computer home. My husband then brought it to a friend of a friend (I had nothing left to lose) and he got the files for… $100.00. I will never go to Best Buy again.

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