It’s official, The Bachelorette has made me crazy.

Will you accept this rose?

It started out slow and unassuming, just a newly found affinity for roses… no big deal. (Or so I thought!) But before I knew it my Bachelorette-itis had begun to increase in intensity.

First I started rationalizing the need to own ten to twelve evening gowns. Then I started believing that I could drink wine or champagne every night without being considered an alcoholic. And now in its final phase my Bachelorette-itis has progressed into my relationship world:

I now find myself confused when my boyfriend and I have a date and instead of being whisked off in a helicopter to a breathtaking mountain top for an idyllic picnic we are eating Pizza Hut in front of our new t.v. and watching a movie on Shaw on Demand.

I find myself constantly fighting the urge to create my own rose ceremonies. For example when handing my boyfriend a piece of banana bread I have to actively stop myself from saying, “Michael, will you accept this banana bread?” Then I must hide my disappointment when he doesn’t kiss me on the cheek and accept it by saying “I will, you have no idea what this means to me!”

And finally, my heart now flutters when my boyfriend passes me the mail (or even when he is just holding a piece of paper) expecting it to be a hand written letter from him expressing all of the things he loves about me and how I am the most perfect, beautiful, intelligent, witty, hilarious, fantastic, girl in the world. Needless to say, the Shaw Cable bill for all those Shaw on Demand movies just doesn’t have the same effect!

Am I the only one experiencing Bachelorette-itis out there? Surely I am not alone! 

5 thoughts on “It’s official, The Bachelorette has made me crazy.

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  1. Funny! We we just watching the Bachelorette last night. There definitely does seem to be a difference between TV romance & the day-to-day, doesn’t there? 🙂

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