Better late than never, go ahead make Jen’s day!

My Food Bank donation for #MakeJensDay

I love Twitter. Every once in awhile I hear people talking about how they think Twitter is dumb or that they just don’t see the point of tweeting. My guess is that they must be following the wrong people.

Twitter for me, is about community. It’s about building relationships with people who share common interests with you, even if you may never meet them in real life. It’s about learning and listening, it’s about engaging and communicating. And last week it was also about giving, actual giving, not just share this, re-tweet that.

I came across a tweet from @JenBanksYEG that said, “Twitter I need your help.  #makejensday For her birthday, Jen (whom I have never met) had just one request:

“Sunday, July 22nd is my birthday and I have only one wish:
I wish that all of my friends, family, Twitter followers, FB friends, blog readers and even people in my Google + circles take a moment this weekend to give something to charity.”

Well happy birthday Jen, (belated albeit) yesterday while grocery shopping I loaded up a bag of food specifically for the Edmonton Food Bank (who have a really rad website I might add). I have been a volunteer with Big Brothers Big Sisters for over two years now and I have seen first hand the difference taking a small amount of time from a busy schedule can make to someone who really needs it. I love the spirit of your message and your commitment to keep these acts of kindness going, good luck!

To any of my friends, family, Twitter followers, Facebook friends, and blog readers… I challenge YOU to #MakeJensDay, you won’t regret it. (See Jen’s thank you message here.)

3 thoughts on “Better late than never, go ahead make Jen’s day!

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  1. Wow!
    Thank you so much for writing this abd for your food bank donation. Means the world to me.

    I love that you are a Big Sister! I might have to call on you to write about your experience on the upcoming website

    Thank you again for getting the word out. Little things can make huge ripples 🙂

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