Dear sixteen year old me

I can be a bit of a hoarder. While I don’t keep mountains of instant noodles or families of cats… I do keep letters, cards, notes, and journals. Over the last few weeks, as I take what’s left of my memory boxes out of my mom’s house, I have been blessed (and cursed) with the unique ability to time travel. As I cringe at my embarrassing Dear Diary entries and scandalous high school notes, I can’t help but think… what would I say to my sixteen year old self if I could? Well… here I go.

Dear sixteen year old me,

First of all, congratulations on getting your license, and on your first try I might add, pretty impressive! I know you were really freaking out about that one so it’s certainly quite a relief. A piece of advice: just buy the first Cavalier you look at, you’re going to fight it for awhile before you realize it’s the only thing you can afford.

I would ask how things are going with you but based on all of the notes you kept from your friends and the very sparse and random journaling that you did, I am pretty much up to speed. I thought I would send you a letter and let you in on a few things that I think might help you out in the future.

Now I need you to believe me when I say this, you are skinny. I don’t know where you’re getting this notion that you are anything but. Just because your size ZERO (how is that even a size??) summer clothes from last year don’t fit anymore does NOT mean that you are now fat. Keep playing sports and doing what you’re doing – get rid of the negative self talk, there’s really no need for it. And as a side note, just because you are in fact slim doesn’t mean that you should wear that pleated Abercrombie & Fitch skirt you love so much. Dad was right, it is WAY too short.

Keep trying your best to stay out of any drama, especially when it has nothing to do with you in the first place. I know you are really counting on the fact that when you get older girls will become more civilized towards each other and I hate to burst your bubble but it’s just not the case. Drama exists everywhere, it is inescapable. Sometimes you’ll get sucked into it, sometimes you might even cause it, just stay true to who you are and what you believe in.

Don’t worry about not having a clue in regards to what you are going to do after high school. It’s not a bad thing to like too many things and have too many choices. Taking a year off is a good idea but I am warning you… when you do get into school you are going to have a major meltdown and realize that you picked the wrong program. Relax, you’ll figure it out (it’s communications, if you don’t). Also, listen to your gut instinct; apply to universities outside of where you grew up. Going to one of these schools will be the best decision you ever make.

Well sixteen year old me, there are an infinite number of other things I could tell you, like stop drinking Smirnoff Ice (ick) or definitely don’t take chem (you won’t EVER use it), but I think I will let you figure the rest out on your own.

Good luck, from the future!

Your turn: If you could tell your sixteen year old self something, what would it be?

6 thoughts on “Dear sixteen year old me

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  1. Just read your August post – I know how you struggled with going through all that stuff, what to keep and what to get rid of. It feels like you are disrespecting whatever you throw away…but you are not. You are wonderfully sentimental – a gorgeous adjective not used much anymore!

  2. Oh ya, what would I tell my 16 year old self? That life doesn’t end because Kenny Jobba isn’t my boyfriend….and that moving from Montreal to Calgary will be one of the highlights of my life, not the disaster I envisioned!

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