Bridezillas… I totally feel you.

I was cocky, I’ll admit it. Thought I had this whole thing under control. Signing contracts and booking vendors like it was my job. Rocking Pinterest like a pro. Asking Facebook for recommendations like a fiend. I’ve planned a few bigger events in my day and I thought I had this one in the bag, no problem!

At less than three weeks from the big day, I am officially approaching freak out mode. Let me be clear, I’m not panicking about being married or who I am marrying but the whole event of it… is kind of stressing me out.

I saw glimmers of this bridezilla beast growing inside of me when my sister, and Maid of Honour, told me she wanted to get a pixie cut. “Can’t you wait until AFTER my wedding??” …gasp…it’s happening. It’s been festering inside me like a bad cold, waiting to make its unwelcome debut. And now… it’s here. My hope is that by indulging this beast with a small venting session, it will have blown off enough steam to vacate my body. Like an exorcism if you will…

First of all, F-you Pinterest. Your charming ideas and magnificent crafts are just not possible for ladies like me. I can’t even handwrite for god’s sake! (By the way, word on the street is you make some moms feel pretty shitty about their skills too – shame on you!)

Second of all, I really wish someone would have told me that I should have gotten a degree in Supply Chain Management in order to pull off a solid wedding. By the end of this day, I am going to be one hell of a Project Manager.

Third of all (is that even a thing?), planning a wedding after Christmas was a terrible idea. Jam cookies, sugar cookies, turkey, mashed potatoes, stuffing, gravy, more turkey, bread – glorious white bread, fancy cheese… I could go on forever. I thought I would be able to magically avoid all of these things, keep my eye on the prize. No such luck.

And finally, Mother Nature you are just straight up pissing me off. I understand that planning a wedding in January was a dicey decision from the get-go but come on lady, work with me here. If you insist on acting all crazy, you could at least ease up a bit over in Toronto… some of us are going to have a connecting flight to Honeymoon heaven to catch.

Ok, I think that is it, I think I got it out now… bridezilla beast be gone! Things will go wrong, it is inevitable. Being a bride, or planning any event of this magnitude and importance is stressful. It’s time to focus on how amazing it is going to be when we are surrounded by so many people that we love while celebrating the biggest event in our lives. Oh… and the stagette should be pretty fun too! 

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  1. I love the way you wrapped this up in the last paragraph – Positive thinking – your Oti would be so proud. See you soon – Love, CreatedBetty

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