Eff That! The No Makeup Selfie


I’m sure you have all seen the #nomakeupselfie craze on Facebook lately. I have been dreading the inevitable moment that I would be “nominated” since the whole thing took off. Alas, that moment happened yesterday morning when my brat of a dear friend Chelsey sent a nomination my way. To be honest, my initial reaction was, “Eff you Chelsey, no chance!”

I am all for loving the skin your in (thanks Dove), celebrating natural beauty and girl power. Hell, I’ve even quoted Shannon Bell, Adrienne Rich and Janice Radway in University papers that weren’t for Women or Gender Studies classes. But sorry sisters, for some reason I just really wasn’t feeling this movement – what was the point?

I did a little digging and found out that the original movement started out in the UK and quickly raised a lot of money for cancer research, although some critics think the sentiment of the campaign has “missed the mark”. Somewhere along the way, the message for cancer research has been lost and a new statement is being created, but what exactly is that statement? A stand against make-up? A push for natural beauty? To me, this craze has felt more like a chain letter – pass this on or have bad luck forever (yeah I’m that old, remember those bad boys?!).

After sleeping on it, I’ve come to the conclusion that although this movement has morphed into more of a no make up challenge, it really could change course yet again and become something more powerful – a lesson in confidence and beauty. So here is what I propose, go ahead and indulge in the #nomakeupselfie but do it with a purpose: take your selfie and vow to do something to help boost someone else’s confidence and then ask your friends to do the same.

Above is my #nomakeupselfie, and my call to action you ask? Support Big Brothers Big Sisters. Donate to them, buy a Dream Home Lottery Ticket, or if you have the time, become a Big Sister. I have been a Big Sister for almost four years and I have seen first hand how a small amount of time can make a HUGE difference to a little girl’s self confidence.

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