My Favourite Memoirs: A List for Dark and Twisty People Like Me

I’m a little bit dark and twisty. I love Intervention, Law & Order: SVU, and memoirs by people who have lived through unbearable heartbreak, addiction, mental illnesses and just down right unimaginable circumstances.

It’s not that I love the drama and despair, it’s more so that I am fascinated by the courage and perseverance that these stories illuminate. 

My love of memoirs all started with Happens Every Day: An All Too True Story by Isabelle Gillies and I have been hooked ever since. After absolutely devouring two books on my latest vacation (Ghost Boy and A House in the Sky) and being “vacation book stalked” by my cousin Serena, I thought it might be worthwhile to share a list of my favourites with you.

If you are a little bit dark and twisty and love a good underdog with an insanely inspiring but often gut wrenching story, I think you just might love these too.

It should be noted that I take no responsibility for the sleepless nights you may spend unable the put these novels down. I also take no responsibility if you absolutely hate these books. Basically I take zero responsibility, you’re on your own… unless you like them and then yes, all responsibility can be back on me, you’re welcome. 


Am I missing any of your favourites? Let me know! 

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