Beatrix Beyoncé: Lessons from a chocolate lab puppy.

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There’s a reason they make puppies cute. 

A few weeks ago we welcomed a beautiful, brown, fur baby into our family. We had been anticipating her arrival for months and were overjoyed to finally bring her home.

After the first ten minutes in the truck, filled with what can only be described as “puppy screams,” we looked at each other and wondered, “what the hell did we just get ourselves into?” 

After two stressful nights, one with more screams, the other with a lot of poop, we started getting the hang of things. We absolutely adore our little pup Beatrix and over the last month, she’s taught us a thing or two…. or five. 

  1. EVERYTHING is chewable. Rocks around the fireplace? Yes. G.E. symbol on the dishwasher? Yes. Brand new Hunter Douglas blinds? Hell yes.
  2. “Bossy barking” is a thing. You think I’m super sweet? Oh I’ve got some sass behind these puppy eyes.
  3. Staying hydrated is important. The best way to stay hydrated? Drink water from your bowl while peeing on the floor.
  4. There’s no place like home. Those long walks you dreamed of? Not yet. I prefer to pretend I’m tired of walking but then break into full sprint when we start heading home.
  5. Naps can’t wait. You need a comfortable spot to nap? Not me! I like to catch up on my beauty sleep on the hardwood floor under the kitchen table.

I guess it’s official, this blog post solidifies my status as a crazy dog lady, as if it were ever in question! Puppy pics below for my fellow crazies, you’re welcome.

2 thoughts on “Beatrix Beyoncé: Lessons from a chocolate lab puppy.

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  1. Awww, how precious is that face?! I own a chocolate lab as well; one of the sweetest dogs ever! My baby, Molly, is almost 7 years old! I miss those puppy days 😦
    Love this post! Looking forward to more of yours posts in the future 🙂

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