29 Life Lessons From My 20s


On Tuesday it was my birthday. I turned the same age my husband was when I met him and exclaimed “wow, you’re pretty effing old.” Twenty nine years old; it feels foreign coming out of my mouth.

As I embark on my last year in my 20s (sad face), I can’t help but reminisce on the lessons I’ve learned. Some big, some small, and some glaringly obvious, here are 29 things that I’ve learned in my 20s (so far!):

  1. You grow the most when outside of your comfort zone. If you feel a little stressed out and nauseated, it’s working.
  2. People who want to keep in touch with you will.
  3. Dress for the weather, you’ll be considerably less grumpy.
  4. Shameovers are a hangover’s closest companion. Nothing heals a shameover but time, and maybe someone else in your crew getting super crunk at the next wedding / birthday / house party.
  5. Volunteering is rad – you get way more out of it than you give.
  6. Dieting is the worst, it is probably the closest to feeling like a crack head you can get without literally being addicted to crack.
  7. Having a good job and knowing you’re in the right field is one part hard work, one part perseverance and one part luck.
  8. There will always be that one annoying question that everyone can’t help but ask you. It’s important to learn how to answer this question without accidentally saying F.O.
  9. Having a wedding is basically just the most stressful, most expensive and most incredible party you will ever throw.
  10. Admitting you have the poops is way better than trying to pretend you don’t have the poops.
  11. Being married is pretty damn similar to having a sleepover with your bestie every night of the week while your parents are away in Cabo San Lucas. And there’s no lock on the liquor cabinet!
  12. You can feel fat when you’re “skinny” and skinny when you’re “fat”.
  13. Parents are just regular people making shit up as they go. 
  14. Parents of toddlers deserve a medal every.single.day. Holy patience.
  15. Invest in good underwear, it makes all the difference.
  16. Only buy clothes you feel comfortable in. You will never wear them if you don’t. (You’re clothing swap friends will be happy about it though.)
  17. Yoga is the best. Or maybe just Bliss YogaSpa.
  18. You can fall in love with a city you thought you hated if you just open your eyes a little wider.
  19. You CAN find love on the dance floor of a bar at 1 a.m.! 
  20. Being able to walk to work is amazing.
  21. Having a homemade lunch at work is so much better than buying your lunch.
  22. If you throw out your back / neck go see a physio, they’ll fix you up way quicker than popping robaxacets or drinking white wine can.
  23. Accidental audible farts are funny. They just are. It’s pretty much impossible to hold back a laugh or smile in the presence of one.
  24. Being at work is one big group project. Get used to them.
  25. Puppies are about 10x the amount of work you anticipate.
  26. Close the toilet lid when you are running late and getting ready. You will most definitely drop something important in there.
  27. If you delete someone from Facebook, the chance of running into them dramatically increases.
  28. Spend more time with your family, they’re the only one you’ve got.
  29. Admit when you’ve made a mistake. Everyone can relate, it only helps to bond you.

What are your favourite lessons from your 20s? 

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  1. Love this Liz! Always enjoy reading your blog posts. So far my 30s have been even better than my 20s so lots to look forward to! 😘 xo

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