The Self-Conscious Blogger

I’m a shitty blogger, it’s true. I’m the reason I warn people not to start a blog, it takes some serious commitment. Right now I’d say I’m caught somewhere in between self-conscious and procrastinating.

The thing is, I actually blog all the time… in my head. It’s basically what consumes my daily commute. Well, that and rapping along to my “Old School Club Hits” play list. I pray you never pass me on the Henday.

What’s stopping me from blogging? I like your likes. I really like your likes. Every time I start thinking about blogging, I can’t help but wonder how it will be received. Like sending a note in the fifth grade to your crush that reads, “Do you like me? Yes, No, Maybe – Circle one.”

I wonder if you’re interested, or if you think I’m obsessed with myself for writing a blog in the first place. So instead of typing out a masterpiece (can you be self-conscious and full of yourself at the same time?) I end up batting the idea around in my head and leaving it in there.

Tonight I thought I would seek your feedback… Mom… and whoever else might be out there. Here are a few “blogs” I’ve been stewing on. So help me add a little dimension to your Facebook feed filled with “Tasty” recipe videos, posts about how stupid Donald Trump is and photos of babies. Let me know what you’re interested in…

  • Are we all completely obsessed with ourselves?
  • The Unlikely Yogi – 5 Lessons Yoga Has Taught Me
  • Volunteers Are NOT Amazing
  • Wedding Planning: Advice for brides to be.
  • Mommy Bloggers – You’re Scaring the Shit Out of Me (No, I’m not pregnant.)
  • Are you pregnant? The worst question ever. (No, still not pregnant.)
  • Merry Christmas: That time we scared the shit out of our neighbours.
  • Unpopular Opinions and Random Thoughts From My Brain

If you think of something else you think I should write about, let me know. I’m open to suggestions!

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