The Struggle is Real: 10 Reasons I’ve Cried While Pregnant

Loudly_Crying_Face_EmojiIt’s true what they say, pregnancy hormones are no joke! I’m not normally a big crier but being pregnant has definitely softened my little black heart. Here are ten ridiculous reasons I’ve cried while pregnant:

1.) Bernard the Elf on the Shelf
At Christmas time I bring an Elf on the Shelf (Bernard) and hide him around my workplace for fun. On the weekend I bring Bernard home and hide him on my husband. (Nerdy, I know, but it makes me laugh.) One morning I woke up and Bernard had been hidden on me! I cried so hard when I found him and then again when my husband insisted he didn’t hide Bernard, he must have moved on his own. Adorable.

2.) That Damn Dog Movie
They shouldn’t be allowed to show previews for A Dog’s Life, a dog looking to discover his purpose in life over the course of several lifetimes. Just sobbing. I didn’t even go see the movie.

3.) That Damn Dog Movie AGAIN!
Turns out that poor dog was terrified and looks like he is almost drowning while filming. I.can’t.even.

4.) That Time We Went to a Hockey Game
My husband and I went to an Oilers game and they had a retirement ceremony for Haley Wickenheiser. I like hockey and I know who Haley Wickenheiser is but I am by no means a super fan however, I could NOT keep it together during this thing. I cried when they brought out all these little girl hockey players, I cried when she came out with her family, I cried during the speeches even though people were booing some of them, I cried during her standing ovation. I couldn’t even sing the national anthem because I was still choking back tears!

5.) Two Words: Undercover Boss
You know that part at the end where the bosses give the employees some big bonus or vacation and everyone cries? I was right there bawling with them even though I hadn’t seen the whole episode and had no idea what their emotional backstory was.

6.) My Husband Really Loves Our Dog
We were out for dinner and talking about our chocolate lab Beatrix, you know like normal people talk about their kids, and my husband said very seriously that she has such a sweet soul. She totally does… flood gates. #crazydoglady

7.) Mother Effing Marley and Me
Ok so this movie made me cry before BUT I watched it pregnant and was inconsolable. Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, watch this movie if you are pregnant AND a crazy dog lady.

8.) That Welcome Home Commercial
Remember that commercial around Christmas time where the military girl is on the plane and she sees a message from her family set up in candles on the ground far below? I honestly don’t even remember what the message was or what the commercial was for because I couldn’t see through my tears by that point…

9.) A Bison Blessing Ceremony
They had a blessing ceremony for a bunch of bisons that were moved to Banff National Park. Perhaps I felt we were kindred spirits because they were almost all pregnant bisons? Who knows, but cry I did, “that’s so beautiful”.

10.) Husband Strikes Again
We made our first trek to a baby store to check out strollers. My husband wants to run with our baby so he was testing out all of the strollers we were considering, running up and down the aisles like the most adorable human being ever… cue the waterworks.

What made you cry unexpectedly while you were pregnant?

5 thoughts on “The Struggle is Real: 10 Reasons I’ve Cried While Pregnant

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  1. Liz, I laughed so hard at this. Devon and I don’t remember me crying really while I was pregnant. It was after the babies came. Watching a video of Mama Jumbo singing “Baby Mine” to Dumbo. I lost it. A lot.

  2. This made me laugh so hard! I’m pretty sure I cried every time that huggies commercial about the power of hugs came on! Or any sentimental diaper commercial really, but that one was a killer!

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