5 Things You Will Find in a Mom’s Facebook Group

The first rule of a Mom's Facebook Group is that you can't talk about the Mom's Facebook Group, here's hoping I don't get kicked out. As a new mom I joined a number of local and national groups and let me tell you, the entertainment value is high. While there is a lot of practical... Continue Reading →

Better late than never, go ahead make Jen’s day!

I love Twitter. Every once in awhile I hear people talking about how they think Twitter is dumb or that they just don't see the point of tweeting. My guess is that they must be following the wrong people. Twitter for me, is about community. It's about building relationships with people who share common interests... Continue Reading →

Is Facebook unnatural?

Every once in a while I get to thinking about Facebook and come to the conclusion that it is actually pretty creepy. Typically to quell this Facebook anxiety I go through a large "unfriending" spree and remove people from my friends list. I decide who makes it based on whether or not I would approach... Continue Reading →

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