The Self-Conscious Blogger

I’m a shitty blogger, it’s true. I’m the reason I warn people not to start a blog, it takes some serious commitment. Right now I’d say I’m caught somewhere in between self-conscious and procrastinating. The thing is, I actually blog all the time… in my head. It’s basically what consumes my daily commute. Well, that and... Continue Reading →

My Favourite Memoirs: A List for Dark and Twisty People Like Me

I'm a little bit dark and twisty. I love Intervention, Law & Order: SVU, and memoirs by people who have lived through unbearable heartbreak, addiction, mental illnesses and just down right unimaginable circumstances. It's not that I love the drama and despair, it's more so that I am fascinated by the courage and perseverance that these... Continue Reading →

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